Day 118: FRANCE 5 les dents

Happy 17week birthday Lo-Lo (& to Ems for yesterday). In short there’s not been too much to report today other than a good lunch in town, wine shop visit, some ridiculous strawberry meringue Elliott bought and Lo-Lo went for a swim again… we kept it short as it felt cold. Today however she has embraced a new facial expression, lips in a pout, along with her tiny nose making it all look like a snout. She reminds me of the side profile of Hitchcock!

No. The real news is not from today, it’s from yesterday. She has been going down well at bedtime for 12 weeks straight now so last night we knew we had an exception on our hands. She has been teething now for about 5 weeks, but last night was the worst. Screaming crying and continuously. She went down at 10pm and she commenced fussing. Hubby went in for a comfort hug around 11pm as it all started to crescendo. She settled a bit but as soon as he left she started ramping up again. At this stage I can differentiate her crying; hungry, tired, upset. Last night she was upset and her volume was set to 11. Her hands in her mouth, our hands in her mouth, gnawing on my knuckle, dribble everywhere. She was not a happy bunny. I am all for letting a baby settle themselves but this was different. So we went for broke and pulled out the big guns; Teetha powder + comfortable arrangement of her blanket + massive hugs + lights out + ♡ and rocking until she passed out. There was no other way. This was one of those nights where she needed to be hugged til the end as she would never settle.
And she did. A little after 12 she passed out in hubby’s arms. It was horrible to hear her be so upset and so clearly in pain. How many months of this?!

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