Day 119: FRANCE Le retour

And so Lo-Lo has had a lovely holiday. Other than the teething on one day she’s really enjoyed swimming, eating lots of stinky cheeses and picking (and possibly sampling) lots of yummy wine. She really should go easy on herself but you know what? She’s on holiday… she should enjoy herself.

Today has also been a good one. Up early-ish. Breakfast, swim (just mummy) and then another lunch in town, you know, just one more good lunch before we go. And it was good. Rare tuna steak and daddy had massive prawns with tagliatelle. Mmmmm….

A walk back along the beach and then we drove toward Calais and popped into the ‘Euro citie’. Zadig and Voltaire (oh I could spend so much money…), Hugo Boss… oh you know, it says discount but I’m not so sure. Its worth noting that she pee’d on me at this point. I was beyond excited. We then popped over to Carrefour for wine, cheese and saucisson! Ferry over was quite choppy but she was a good girl. Then she passed out and we came back on the M20. It’s been a rather lovely 6 days.


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