Day 121: Birthday celebrations and deep diving Lo-Lo

Ok so I know I missed a post yesterday but it was a busy day!

Saturday night we came back late, unpacked the car, put all the washing on and then had some wine whilst watching ‘Super 8’. It was our 1st night at home in 6 nights, you in your bed, us with a chance to watch some English television… all with a lovely glass of wine. A chance to relax and talk without worrying that we might wake you. This however led to a slightly sore head Sunday morning, which was a little sad really as it was my birthday. Yup momma turned 33 yesterday. So daddy did the super kind thing of pretty much looking after you most of the day.

1st exciting thing was you went to your 1st Waterbabies swimming class! Yay Lo-Lo!!! We got to watch the toddlers in the class before us, they did so well! And then it came to your class. All of you were new beginners, about 8 tiny babies all in the hydrotherapy pool. It was maximum a 30mins class and you did so well! Daddy got to take you in, swim with you, play with you and then came the moment I had heard about. It was ‘dunking baby under the water’ time. In a way I was happy you got to go 1st in the class so you could get it out of the way. The lovely teacher took you out of daddy’s hands, daddy said some reassuring words and under you went. You could audibly hear all the parents in the room hold their breath as you went under, but not a peep out of you when you came back up. Mummy filmed it so we could watch it again which was lucky as it turns out as daddy was concentrating on saying the right words and didn’t get to take in the moment fully. And so the lesson continued. You loved it. Knowing how teary you can be, it was so lovely to see you entertained and enjoying yourself. I very much look forward to the rest of your classes this year.

Once we came  back you were OUT little lady. Gone. Whacked. Zonked. Passed out. Demobilised. It was fantastic. We had reservations at the Yellow House at Surrey Quays for 4pm. All the staff have known us there for quite some time, they saw me when I was pregnant and were happy to see you at last. You were a mixture of teary and tired toward the end. Sadly we did not get to loop you back into your normal routine of bath at 7pm, however you did get a cheeky feed in the disabled toilets lol. Oh exciting times.

Mummy had a fab evening. We saw Caddy and Lou newly married and returned from honeymoon. We saw Stu, Ajda, Arwa, Emilie, Ben and even Fi, Phil and William made it all the way down from Bristol. It was a lovely family gathering. There were many things to celebrate yesterday and you looked lovely in your Ted Baker romper. xxx

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