Day 122: 4 month itch

Happy 4 month birthday Lo-Lo. Crazy how fast time flies. I’m just watching you have some tummy time and I’m so impressed by far you’ve come even in a couple of weeks. Today signifies a mile stone for me. Although it depresses me to see celebrities who lose their baby weight unhealthily, too soon after birth (that’s another blog) I also feel that at 4 months the time has come for me to try to have a bit more balance in my life. I feel that my body is ready to take on a challenge. I have been talking/thinking about routine in the skinnyskint posts. Routine helps me find a bit more time in the day for myself. Well as of today we’re going to have the 4 days left in this week to kick start it all off a bit. The order of each day for this week will be, in order of importance:

  1. Baby
  2. Exercise/health/me
  3. Housework

Main changes will be:

  • We’ll be conscientious eaters this whole week, low carbs, high in ‘fresh’ foods and free to eat on the weekend.
  • No booze on school nights.
  • Some freshly made juice for snacks, fruit instead of bought fruit juices.
  • Exercise each morning (weekday) during your morning snooze.
  • Take my supplements everyday
  • Start the day with nettle tea to help cleanse the system

Doing well so far today. Jillian Michaels work out (slightly broken up with Lo-Lo hugging/entertaining and finally going down for a nap – yes I exercised in-front of her for a bit, figured it would entertain her), then a little bit of Tara Lee’s baby yoga. Fruit and fibre breakfast and soup for lunch. Just need to make the juice for the rest of the week… we await the Waitrose food shop tomorrow evening to fill the fridge with healthy stuff. Tally-Ho!

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