Day 123: The thing about Kate

Middleton that is, and all the celebrities who are now on some mission to get stick thin within a second of having a baby is, it’s so unrealistic… and so bad for you! The focus is all wrong. It literally gets my back up when I see articles about their ‘new post baby regime to get back into shape’. Now of course part of it may well just be media spin to get new-diet-hungry readers to lap up their magazines but I think it’s so harmful. The focus is on being skinny rather than you and your baby being healthy.

I would like to get a few of things clear from the start though. I am not saying that you should sit on your behind and do nothing. I’m not an advocate of eating as much chocolate or whatever you want just because you’re breastfeeding or you’re eating rubbish because you don’t have enough time. There is time – there’s always time! And if you’re struggling, speak with your partner and get time! If you’re unhealthy you’re not helping yourself or the baby. Make the choices when you’re in the supermarket – if you don’t have crap in the house to eat – YOU CANNOT EAT IT! Now to do a 180, don’t go mental and just eat lettuce for a week, you need to get the right balance to keep your energy up.

Superstars have time and money on their hands, they can have cooks, nannies, PAs, nutritionalists and personal trainers all on hand. None of this makes them less of a woman or less of a mum but it IS super helpful. Some are even naturally skinny to start with which is rather helpful. The other thing is that for most of them their image is important to them, but even for them too skinny too fast can’t be good. In ‘French Children don’t throw food’, you hear that most Parisian women lose all their baby weight by 3 months, coinciding with their return to work. It sounds like it is mainly through their choices in food (no bread), but you also hear that the majority of them do not breastfeed. I do wonder if we ‘allow’ ourselves to eat whatever we want because we breastfeed. I refer back to my crazy health visitor who told me to eat as much chocloate as I wanted as breastfeeding took up about 1500 extra calories a day! Urm… no.

I don’t know about the other mums (and dads) out there but the easiest thing you can effect is what you eat, you have to eat each day so why not make some healthier choices? This part requires NO EFFORT. Then you need to get into some regular pattern with your baby and you can try to get some exercise in each day. Important to add that YOU need to be ready and you don’t need to go mental to start. For me, it’s taken my pelvic floor 4 months to get to a normal-ish point. This means that I can do squats and lunges without (excuse the graphicness) feeling like my insides are about to fall out. And that’s another thing you don’t really hear about, all the birth and mothering health issues that you need to sort out on your general road to recovery. My stomach muscles are still A.W.O.L. in comparison to pre pregnancy but they are slowly returning. How can you do a sit up with out stomach muscles.

Let’s just be a bit clever about this. If you really want to get back into shape and get healthy let’s ignore the magazines, listen to our bodies and make some smaller simpler changes that will help.

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