Day 125: 18 week update

Today we hit week 18.

Lo-Lo is starting to go to bed earlier and earlier. Mainly aided by the 1 hour time change when we went to France I think. It gave us the confidence to put her down earlier. She goes down awake and pops off to sleep with no crying it seems. Today I even managed to put her down for a nap at my friend Lou’s house. This has never been done before (she’s had short naps round my mum’s a couple of times but this really was a first). Lo-Lo was wide and I mean WIDE awake when I put her down. Nap time creeped up, she talked for 10 mins and then passed out. I’m liking this. I’ve been reading some Gina Ford (full update for another blog) and thought I’d try something out. Normally Lo-Lo has a longer sleep in the morning and a short one early afternoon. Last 2 days I have swapped them round and I seem to be having a happier baby in the afternoons. Not sure, I will report back, it’s all too soon to tell. But the point here is that I was trying out old Gina’s schedule for naps. She was due to go down at 12 but she had a longer nap time in the morning due to the journey over to Lou’s so Lo-Lo only went down at 12.30pm… but it worked a treat. I’ve never had such a quiet happy baby. This could be the swap over or it could be the fact that Lo-Lo had lovely Florence to look at, admire and keep herself occupied with. Or maybe it was both – time will tell. But she fell asleep in Flo’s pram, tucked away in the hallway. She woke after about 45 mins, chatted a bit more and then passed out again, when I awoke her around 2pm for a feed.

In other news, she had a pooh today. Other than that I’m excited to report she’s a few grams under 7.5kg. She fell asleep on our big bed this morning watching mummy entertaining her as she put on her make-up – she fell asleep whilst not in her cot or being rocked to sleep! Whilst she’s having tummy time she brings up her knees up under her like she’s trying to get her legs to do their bit of crawling… her arms and hands are yet to catch up. She keeps blowing Hitchcock faces and raspberries.

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