Day 126: Tummy-tastic

We’ve all heard of tummy time. We know it’s helpful for them to strengthen their back and neck through this exercise and I’m happy to see Lo-Lo getting better and better at it. She generally grew into herself I think around 12 weeks and along with everything else tummy time was a no go. Things started settling down post 12 weeks and she started getting more manageable. It was soon after this time that she took to tummy time without a serious upset. And yes, now she’s amazing! Better than any kid eva at tummy time. FACT. Ok, she’s just much happier with it and props herself quite nicely even on the duvet on our bed post bath when I give her back a massage. It’s recommended that for a baby of her age she should spend around 20mins having tummy time a day. But why else is it important?

Well It’s good because it can help prevent flat head… which is not something a baby is born with. It’s also said to help them begin to roll over, crawl on their stomachs, crawl on all fours and sit without support. It’s not surprising then to hear that babies who do not spend time on their tummy can experience delays in the development of their motor skills.

And there’s lots of ways to have tummy time: in the bath on hubby, on her playmat, on mummy’s tummy when she’s laying down and mummy’s favourite, playing aeroplane.

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