Day 127: It’s them dolphins!

I’m gonna suggest something crazy: When you laugh you make your baby happy.

Did you know that breast milk contains endorphins which are pain suppressers? For example if they get a vaccination not only does this soothe the hurt but it also enhances the effectiveness of the vaccination!

Back to my original point. I’ve had a few instances whilst breastfeeding when I’ve got the giggles and I’ve wondered what effect it was having on Lo-Lo. Breast milk already contains endorphins which means this chemical can be passed through the breast milk. If you’ve ever done exercise or had a good laugh, the effects of the endorphins are quite immediate. We know that if you eat different foods, these get passed on to the baby as well (I remember changing her nappy when we came back from France, it was a number 2 and I could have SWORN I smelt Camembert. Anyway…). If endorphins are produced fast and we know what we take into our system goes through to the breast milk, I hereby suggest that if you laugh just before or during your breast feeding, this extra boost gets passed on to baby, thus making them happier! My hypothesis – there it is.

Now… off we go today for lesson 2 of WaterBabies… loads more dunking under water to be had.  

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