Day 128: The turning of the pram

It’s been tough the last few weeks. Lo-Lo’s been in her lie flat pram, facing me since birth but recently… well, let’s just say she’s not really fitting anymore. She’s always been long but her head has been touching the the hood and her toes are squishing at the bottom. There’s no point getting her another/bigger lie flat (+ they don’t really exist) but she’s too young to go into a normal sit up pram. So we fitted the additional seat that goes into the Jane pram. This is a normal seated pram that can take a child up to 3 years old but that also reclines for younger children. We have discovered this happy medium, somewhere between lie flat cot and normal pram.

Today I strapped her into her buckles so there was no falling out and off to Woolwich we went for the 1st time in her new position. It was scary for me for 2 reasons: 1) She would now be sat facing away from me, didn’t realise how reassuring it was for ME not just her when we were face to face! 2) It was slightly elevated so now she could experience more of the world and not just conduct a study of the Nimbostratus. My little baby’s growing up. Sniff.

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