Day 129: Gina Ford ‘The Contented Little Baby Book’ review

Ha ha… for all of you who asked, sorry I should have mentioned. The result with the pram facing the other way was great. She didn’t mind facing away from me at all and after about 20 mins fell asleep. I of course popped my head round from time to time to reassure her, let her know who was driving the pram, but she really didn’t need it. So yes, all good, no need to buy another pram, we have a perfect in-between with our second-hand Jane.

Now on to today’s topic: Gina Ford book review. I have been reading it for the last week or so. I have to admit I agree with a lot of what she says. I also think Lo-Lo has ended up in a routine similar to what Gina suggests because Gina uses a lot of common knowledge in her schedules. If I were to sum up the idea behind the book:

Gina takes a child’s natural rhythms and puts them into a schedule that makes sense, so it takes all the guess work out for us. If you are following a baby’s natural rhythms then it helps lead to a happier baby because they are awake when they need to be, asleep when they need it and eating when they are hungry. 

The main rhythms used are:

  • Baby should not be awake for longer than 2 hours
  • Baby should feed every 3-4 hours
  • And a new bit of info that I liked was that baby is most alert an hour after waking!

That’s really what I think the basis of the whole book is about. In fact that switch I made where Lo-Lo has a longer sleep at midday versus in the morning has meant she’s less grumpy in the afternoons. Now I must admit I use it as a guide and use Lo-Lo’s cues to adjust it so it’s right for her. For example, I think Lo-Lo still benefits from a short nap in the afternoon around 5pm. I will also say that for some a child in bed by 7pm sounds perfect but we prefer to adjust it so daddy has time with her in the evening: a bath at 6.30pm and then bedtime at 8.30pm and up at 7am (her eyes literally spring open at 7am on the dot!… and yes I know that we’re super lucky with the sleeping thing, she was already doing this bit a while ago, see previous post: Day 48). So it’s good… because if anything it helps make you feel confident about all the things you are doing right and suggests what you might want to change. I think that if you use the book from birth it helps you understand what routine you will want to get them moving toward and stop them falling into bad habits. I’m also sure that if you had a second child, it would really help you manage the whole juggling act.

Its great for me as I now have more ‘spare’ time to crack on with other things and most importantly I know when these moments are, so I can better organise myself. It also means the more Lo-Lo gets used to her routine the less fuss there is at bedtimes and the more she knows what’s happening when. All in all, happy with the book and think it’s worth a read.

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2 Responses to Day 129: Gina Ford ‘The Contented Little Baby Book’ review

  1. b says:

    what does your routine look like ? is it the same as you posted day 113? im interested as freddie has found his own routine which is pretty much sleeping after 2 hours awake but only sleeps for a small chunk of time. (altho it has taken a loooong time to get here)

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