Day 131: 4 month sleep regression

I keep hearing about it. At 4 months 10 days we’ve had no signs… yet (apart from outgrowing her baby-grows) I’m hoping she doesn’t ‘catch it’. (I appropriately hear my baby crying from her cot)

WHAT IS IT: Your baby got them into a nice nap and sleep routine and suddenly it all changes and baby doesn’t sleep like they used to. Apparently a whole bunch of stuff is happening around this time: they are becoming alert for longer/more aware of their surroundings, their sleep cycles are changing and they are most likely going through a growth spurt! 4 main indicators are:

  • Increased fussiness
  • Multiple night wakings
  • Reduced naps or “disaster naps”; and
  • Changes in appetite…
  • (And I would also suggest they start looking like incredible hulk in their clothing)

WHAT’S UP WITH THEIR SLEEP CYCLE: New borns mainly have deep sleep. Around 4 months their sleep cycle is also introduced to active sleep/REM. When a baby enters REM they have a startle reflex which will wake them up. So unless they know how to soothe themselves and fall back to sleep they will look for other help getting back to sleep.

5 tips to help:

  1. Go with the flow but keep them in a routine of sorts and babies respond well to structure
  2. Jump on your baby’s sleeping cues and get them down when they show the signs!
  3. Consider introducing them to being put to bed ‘drowsy’ but still awake
  4. Be mindful of creating a new sleeping crutch
  5. Offer lots of hugs and kisses
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