Day 133: I want to eat my baby!

‘She’s so cute I want to eat her!’
‘Look at those toes!’… toes go into my mouth and I start to mimic eating them.
‘I’m gonna hug the life out of her!’

Sound familiar? Why do we feel the need to eat something that’s unbearably cute. Why do we need to consume and effectively destroy that which we love. Odd, no?

Many theories around this. I think the one I like is to do with satisfaction. When we eat and we are satisfied, we are full and can consume no more. When we see something beautiful and cute we are dissatisfied because we are lacking it. Therefore in order to ‘have it’ you must consume it.

Other theories include:

  • By consuming the baby it is a plea for pregnancy.
  • They resemble food as they are so ‘porky and tender’

I would love to hear from a real therapist about this.

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