Day 135: Pensive Trees!

O.K. It’s been a very busy weekend and it’s even spilled out into Monday. Saturday morning daddy had his hair cut, then grandparents, then a wine tasting in the evening. Sunday was swimming in the morning and then back to back viewings of a flat for about 3 hours, 10 people. Mental. Today the saga continues. Lot’s of admin to get done, must pop into Woolwich for our fresh veg shop and more viewings this evening…

And breath…

One thing I’ve noticed you have developed over the last 2 weeks is you have a very pensive stare. You’ve been mental and erratic since birth, just like a normal baby, and we love you for it. That’s why it’s so noticeable when suddenly you are calm, pensive and staring at something. At nana’s on Saturday we caught you staring out of the window and you must have been looking at some trees as there was nothing else there in their garden. Today and a couple of times before I have noticed you will pause on the feeding pillow when you’ve had your fill and stare out of the window. It must be the trees again because there is nothing else in the direction you’re staring in. You must be contemplating life. Who knew. In other exciting news today, you reached up and grabbed the mobile above your changing mat and swung the dangly bits round. Fluke? Who knows, I’m claiming it. 1st time you reached up and grabbed your mobile! You’ve been doing similar things with the play things dangling from your arch on your playmat. Interesting to read that the 4 month regression coincides with a time when you become more aware of the effect you have on your surrounding world. I guess being contemplative and reaching out to properly touch things work nicely with that theory.

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