Day 136: Baby’s temperature

So I remember when were in hospital and the midwives clearly told us that a young baby cannot control their body temperature. So make sure it is warm enough. Being an adult, being able to maintain your body temperature irrespective of your outside environment is called ‘thermoregulation’. Ignore the temperature more or less of the hands and feet as they tend to get chilly as they are extremities. The best place to judge a baby’s temperature is by feeling the back of their neck, that is a true reflection. All good. But we’re now almost 4 and a half months old… do the same rules apply?

I ask because Lo-Lo was born in May. She was wrapped up warm  but it wasn’t too bad outside. Then she grew into summer. She has been double layered for most moderate feeling days and has indeed gone na-kid! on those very hot summer days. We are now approaching winter and I want to make sure she’ not going to be too cold. Interestingly some sources say they regulate their temperature much better as soon as they get home. That feels too soon for me and when we were in France we went to a pool that was 30 degrees C and she felt too cold. Other’s say it’s roughly a year, which sounds more reasonable. WaterBabies say that babies under 12 weeks and 12lb should be in even warmer water than 30 degrees, a hydrotherapy pool… so I guess this is an indicator as well.

In a way I guess I am none the wiser. I really just need to take my cues from Lo-Lo and I will keep an eye on her til she’s about 1 year old.

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