Day 137: a pooh-reception

So we had our shopping delivered this evening. Just before it arrives Lo-Lo has a poop. But she’s mid feed and she looks like she might poop some more so I don’t change her straight away. The door bell goes and I answer.
‘I’m sorry I think she may have made a toilet.’
‘That’s ok, that’s what kids do, it would be weird if they didn’t.’
I move my hand away from holding her up and noticed it was damp, I sign his paperwork. The delivery guy leaves. I turn Lo-Lo round and notice THE BIGGEST pooh up the back and outta the nappy. When I told the guy I think she’s made a toilet I bet he was thinking….
‘You BLIND woman? Lost your sense of smell? She got crap all up her back… do you even wash your child?’
I was suitably mortified.

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