Day 138: The HANDS, the hands…

Today is going to be a good one. We’re dressed and fed and about to go into Londium to meet up with some work friends. I don’t really do the trip in to town as lifts and escalators are a bit of a nightmare but once in a while is good and actually, I’m really looking forward to being surrounded by ‘stuff’! Nice shops, good eateries and the hustle and bustle of normal life. But back to the hands.

Babies go through steps of discovery. One of those is that they discover their feet and hands, you know, like they were better than sliced bread… if they knew what sliced bread was. Well our darling Lo-Lo has been growing very well in many departments, but the time came and went when she was supposed to be discovering her hands and her feet with no ceremony. I figured, maybe she just wouldn’t be that interested, like, ever. Well I am happy to announce our gorgeous pumpkin discovered her hands this last week. She’s shown some interest in her feet since I’ve been making sure her toes and feet are exposed a bit more to aid her with the jumperoo. But her hands… her hands. She chews on them for the majority of everyday, I find it surprising she hasn’t ‘found them’ sooner. But she looks at them. Stares intently. Examines them. Today I was playing with her hands with my hands and she started looking at mine. Weird and strangely overwhelming that they can be looking and thinking about something so intently.

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