Day 140: The 2 hour pattern

Did you know that apparently new babies should only be awake for maximum 2 hours at a time? Not just from birth but even up to about 6 months? I read this weeks ago while looking something else up.

I can confess that this was possibly the single most important & useful piece of information that I found out on my slow amble through early motherhood. It gave me the confidence to understand why Lo-Lo was crying when all else had failed. It also gave me the confidence to start putting Lo-Lo down for a nap even though originally I felt it was all too early and she had not been up for very long. This secret coupled with actually getting her to nap after 2 hours has meant I have a happier baby. She rests enough which also means that while she’s awake, she’s not over-tired and so can take in information i.e. the better she sleeps during the day the better she will develop.

That little nugget helped me to understand why when she was newborn there was so much crying, she never really slept during the day. The best days I had with her were when she would fall asleep on me. Of course this meant I could do nothing but in turn I had a happier baby.

I think she’s a happier baby now because at 4.5 months she’s grown into herself even more and because mummy is a bit more ordered with Lo-Lo’s naps. I did ask a midwife once why this mostly hidden gem of info doesn’t seem to be brought up much with new parents (or in my case at all). I was told it’s because most babies just don’t do it. I guess if you can get a baby to nap then knowing when really helps, but if they won’t sleep it just adds to the parent’s frustration.

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