Day 142: Twinkle Toes

She’s grabbing them!!!! Woohoo!!!

Roughly about 2 months/8 weeks into your new born’s life they should discover their hands and feet. Well last week it was her hands and in the last 2 days she’s been discovering her feet! On the changing mat, grabbing the mobile above her and grabbing her toes. My theory (uhem) was that because she was quite long she was a bit inflexible as her muscles were a bit over stretched… so would she ever reach her feet!? She has. And I’m a proud momma… next step, feet in mouth please.

Why now? Not sure. I noticed that her toes were scrunched up in her baby-grows so decided to set the toes free most days. Naked toes are something that’s been happening over the last 3 weeks, yet I’m not convinced she would have discovered her toes any earlier as she only discovered her hands very recently and they’ve been in front of and IN her face forever!

I guess I’ve been waiting for this day because it was a milestone she should have reached. It sounded like something all babies did. It does make sense to me however that she is discovering them now at a time when she’s discovering her hands and is more contemplative of the world around her.

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