Day 143: Weaning 2 & bumps

It’s been a joyous day today.

You may know that up til now I’ve been letting Lo-Lo taste fruit and vegetables so the concept of new tastes and eating were not alien to her. Yesterday she tasted banana, apple and strawberry. So with the banana, I’d move it toward her, she’d open her mouth and then half lick/half gnaw on it. Same with the strawberry and apple, she’d be there for at least 30 seconds and this is the bit that really fascinates me, it’s as if she knows what she’s doing. I know in accordance to the NHS I should wait til 6 months and I know I should speak with a Dr or Health visitor (who undoubtedly will ask me why I’m in such a rush to get feeding) but she just seems ready. She shows such interest in food, doesn’t shy away from trying things and tries to take the fruit into her mouth with her tongue rather than just licking.

Anyway, today I actually gave her a piece of banana. I took a baby spoon, took a sliver from the inside of a banana (maybe about 2mm thick and the size and shape of half a penny). Too small to choke on. Too big to not notice she had food in her mouth. The banana was ripe enough but not on the turn and was soft. The amazing thing for me was that I sat down with her on her mat, dug the bit of banana out and approached her with the spoon… and she just opened her mouth. Like she knew what she was doing! I had to wipe the spoon/banana into her mouth but at least she opened up for me. She then looked at me with her eyebrows ever so slightly knitted. I don’t think she was too sure. She continued mincing her mouth about (God only knows if she swallowed). I then proposed another portion, which again she took as before: pause once in the mouth, confused look in her eye and then chomping, and then a 3rd and final time. That was it. It was so satisfying to see her try it and not dislike it. I then gave her the spoon in case she wanted to chew on it… she put the shovel part into her mouth and held the handle like when I was feeding her. Unbelieveable. I’m sure some mums think I’m crazy and it probably is a fluke but I’m super proud of her today with trying some banana and using a spoon correctly. Oh it’s the little things.

In other news. This morning I was playing with Lo-Lo on the mat and had her sat up for a bit. By the end she was getting a bit tired and was leaning forward. All fine until she decided to lean left instead of forward and head butted the floor. She had JUST managed to launch herself the inch or so past the end of the play mat and onto the wooden floor…. There was silence. Then the opposite of silence. Oh she had a good cry but thankfully it only lasted about 10 seconds and back to playing.

Generally a good day for survival!!! 

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3 Responses to Day 143: Weaning 2 & bumps

  1. jiisan says:

    “She then looked at me with her eyebrows ever so slightly knitted.” Ah the Patrick Moore look

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