Day 145: Bad breath

Ever noticed how babies don’t have bad breath? Lo-Lo can breathe on me 1st thing in the morning, after food, after a snooze and it just smells of nothing! I would guess that most babies are like this and would guess this is because (uhem) they have no teeth (no germs hiding between them & no plaque build up), they only eat one thing (which does not smell bad) and coz they’re cute!!! Ok, that last point has no relevance. However on the contrary maybe they should have bad breath; milk does leave a sour taste in the mouth after a while AND who knows if they drink enough… they could be dehydrated!

Apparently babies do get bad breath! Usually from oral bacteria buildup, thrush or even an object in the nose (?!!!). However the more scientific response is they are less likely to get halitosis because:

  • Babies have no teeth for food particles to get stuck between,
  • Breast milk contains phagocytes, which are white blood cells that attack odor-producing bacteria, and
  • Babies salivate like crazy! A moist mouth is less likely to stink, hence the importance of using mouth-wetting specialty breath fresheners in adulthood.
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