Day 146: 21 today

Weeks of course.

You’re just under 8kg and you’re wearing 6-9 month clothing. Last week’s swimming lesson saw you go under water for 3 seconds and you came up without much fussing. You have 4 naps a day (9am-10am, 12-2pm, 5-6pm, 7.15pm-7.30pm) and you’re down by 8.45pm, up between 6 & 7am. I think you’ve got a bit of that ‘4 month sleep regression’ in the sense that sometimes we notice in the middle of the night that you might be up, but you don’t cry, you just eventually fall asleep again. You’ve tried many fruit and veg already although you’ve only really had small portions of banana… which I think has helped you be more regular. Yep. Still fascinated by how often you pooh. You’ve found your hands and your wonderful feet. You have an amazing smile. You have your normal one but then you have a really deep rooted smile that you crack out on special occasions and we love it. You don’t really suck your thumb, you manage to invert your hand (palm facing out) and suck your 1st two fingers. Your eyes are still a slaty blue-grey like your dad’s. You have MASSIVELY long eyelashes- care of your dad rather than me. We have breastfed in pubic now at least 6 times, it’s getting easier-ish… doesn’t help when you’re not in the mood to be fed or when you are trying to sit up, thus exposing poor mummy to the restaurant – but I’ll survive. Mummy’s nips still get a little sore from time to time but very rarely, so brilliant on this front. At last mummy and nana have bought you some additional clothing – not just the baby grows I’ve been keeping you in til now. We’ve had a bit of a shop in Jojo Baby Maman & H&M… now mumy’s started, she might not be able to stop! I keep mentioning that you are growing into yourself. Well you’re still improving, less crying more happy baby… Today we went to Bank and had some lunch with the lovely Jessica and I must admit I was impressed with how little you cried considering you hadn’t had your normal lunchtime nap. On the flip-side you slept for the whole journey home. In amongst the blustery wind and showers we also popped into Tesco for a few bits and you were awake but not crying. I’m liking this. 5 months soon. Still happy. xx

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