Day 147: Sleepy baby & instinctual eye-rubbing

OMG! I have witnessed this once before but this was quite a surprise for me. I do generally try to keep you (Lo-Lo) roughly in a routine. Lately you have been getting up before 7am, closer to 6 or 6.30am. Old Gina says baby should wake at the same time everyday so we don’t get you up until 7am each morning. Of course the knock on effect is that you’re 2 hours of being awake leads you to want to fall asleep earlier than 9am, you’re normally ready around 8-8.30am. But I keep trying to dragging it out a little longer .

Obviously a good sign that you’re ready for bed is when you start rubbing your eyes and yawning. Never a good sign when it starts at 7.50am. Next you start getting irritable which is understandable. There will be some crying/moaning but nothing heavy. So today I moved you around a bit when you started getting fussy. I put you in your Jumperoo, read to you and eventually I sat you down about 2 metres away from me on the sofa. I propped you up with cushions and played some kids TV (I know, bad mum) whilst I was doing the washing up. You moaned and paused. Moaned and paused. This continued for about 15mins. I came round in case you were missing mummy and to my surprise I saw dopey eyes. And I mean super drugged up; eyes rolling to the back of the head, eyelids at half mast. My baby was passing out whilst sat up!!! You were falling asleep because you were tired, rather than what you tend to do which is to go into overdrive making yourself super tired. It’s the one thing babies don’t do very well, sleep when they’re tired, especially during the day.

That kind of leads me on to something which I think is mental and brilliant. We have noticed that although Lo-Lo might manage to scratch her arms or forehead with her razor like fingernails, she knows not to use her fingers for her eyes. So when she rubs her eyes when she is sleepy or even when she rubs her nose, she will rub them with the back of her hand! This is definitely a nature thing because she won’t have learned it from us. It’s a small thing but I think it’s incredible.

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