Day 149: Monday reset

Hubby said it yesterday and I agree. Monday is like a reset day. There is a schedule that I try to establish with Lo-Lo each day, a routine of eat, sleep, nappy change and play. As the week progresses she tends to get out of whack a bit with it all especially on the weekend when we try to get out and about. She always starts at 7am, will almost always have a bath at 6.30pm and to bed by 9pm latest. Those are the main linchpins for a day, the rest of the day has a rhythm based around not being awake for longer than 2 hours at a stretch.

So by the end of last week we were all over the gaff. Sleeping in the middle of the day, especially your 12-2pm nap wasn’t really happening and to be honest I crave it. It gives me a nice chunk of time to do things whether it’s personal or housework. But somehow in this crazy last week this sleep seems to have disappeared a bit. Today was supposed to be a nice reset day. Back to eating at 7am, 11am, 2.30pm, 6pm & 7pm along with a nap at 9, 12 and 5. No joy. We had a good morning nap but then lunchtime – what happened to your lovely 2 hour nap you used to take? Granted I think you cut it 45 mins short because you’d just had a mega pooh and the bedroom was smelling like popcorn… but still. Actually… you know what, remembering the size of that thing, I would have woken up crying if I’d just produced that. So fair enough.

We had our walk into town in the afternoon which you were great for and then back home… but you started falling asleep at 4pm… which again is fair enough given you’d got up at 1.15, but you only slept for 15mins and now I’m trying to get you to nap at 5pm and I’m not sure you’re having any of it.

3 theories about this all:

  1. It’s probably a wonder week of some sort
  2. Last week actually became a routine of it’s own that I now need to get you UN-used to
  3. You’ve been sent to try me
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