Day 150: Broken mummy

Thankfully not completely. We had a lovely afternoon today with some of the NCT mum’s. One of them hosted so we went round to theirs after your midday nap. All 4 babies were in a good mood, a bit of crying, but when isn’t there? We came to leave around the time you normally have your afternoon nap – 5pm. Mummy didn’t want you to  fall asleep so decided to hold you instead of putting you in the pram, to keep you awake. I proceeded to hold you in one arm and bump the pram down the stairs with the other. Sadly the stairs were a bit too steep and mummy caught her foot in the basket bit under your pram and fell over. Bump! Onto her bottom and backward. Sadly the guide-rail for the stairs was just that, a rail. So as mummy fell back, there was nothing to break her fall so she rolled down one step as well.

It’s important to note that Lo-Lo is fine – before I start getting worried phonecalls. In fact one of the NCT mums noted that no part of Lo-Lo touched the ground or the railing at any point. Kind of like a ‘roll’ whilst hoisting her up in the air- natural instinct kicking in? Not sure I had any time to think about it. Somehow, baby was completely unscathed but understandably a little shocked by it all. There were tears of course. There were almost tears from mummy too. Bit of a nasty gash in mummy’s shin and a scrapped knee… sounds like a child’s injury at school! But I’ll tell you something, no wonder kids cry when they get a bump or scrape  – it bloody hurts! Children. I sympathise with you.

And I’m sure I’ll get an earful, ‘you should be more careful’, ‘you shouldn’t try to do too much’, ‘you’re lucky it wasn’t worse’. I get it. I already feel pretty rubbish about it all. I’m in physical and emotional pain just now, but most importantly the baby is alright. x

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