Day 151: Nice break

Can’t lie, I had a fantastic break today. Popped over to BlueWater on a shopping trip. What did I buy? I think more importantly the question is what did I need. And the answer is… nothing. Not really. But man was it lovely to get out of the house and relax. We left Lo-Lo with grandpa (jii-san) and actually when you work it out, we left at 11.30, I only missed one feed at 2.30 and we were back at 4pm. A whole 4.5 hours away. Bliss? Yep. Just lovely to get out and do something else, and Jii-san had it all in hand.

And you know what I bought? All I really wanted? A good fitting bra. Rigby and Peller, measured and suited. Awesome. Makes me feel normal again. Home to a happy baby. Made linguine with clams and chilling out with a glass of wine and Batman and some Tom Hardy. Hmmmm….

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