Day 158: Peekaboo AKA object permanence AKA thinking abstractly

So we were round with the NCT girls yesterday having a lovely time. Towards the end Lo-Lo starting getting shouty. She was great up until now and looking at the time it made sense- it was almost 5pm, time for a nap. One of the mums decided to play a game of peekaboo with the kids as they all started to get a bit grisly. Lo-Lo was loving it, it was quite evident that there was anticipation in this game for her. She’s been developing this for the last few weeks but it was sooo obvious yesterday. The mum played the game with an owl hat, scrunching the owl’s face to make it disappear and opening it out again to make it reappear. This was making her giggle, more importantly she was giggling in the build up because she knew what was coming.

This game is just so much fun because of her reaction, because she knows that things can still exist even if she cannot see them/if they are hidden, she anticipates the return. We’ve also been audibly counting up to the ‘reappearance’ of things so hopefully she links the 3-2-1 with something happening. More importantly however it seems that a baby’s reaction to this game is super important developmentallyIt signals that your baby is making leaps in cognitive development — in his memory and his ability to think abstractly. Amazeballs!

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