Day 159: Bump

Feeling pretty awful today. Whilst practicing sitting today, I had planted her on her play-mat with cushions scattered around her like fluffy bodyguards. I was close by as well keeping an eye on it all. She wobbled and fell backwards. My heart sank as I heard quite a thud. Whilst the cushions were making sure she did not bash herself on the hardwood floor, sadly the play-mat was too thin and she still managed to bump herself. We’ve had other instances: I dropped my mobile on her head from about 10cm above when she was about 10 days old. WOW did I feel guilty. Daddy dropped a potato masher on her head about 3 months in, no potatoes were harmed, it was all to do with a mobile and a camera tripod, all very complicated. So this will have been her 3rd bump. Not great, but not bad.

It’s odd, but if she’d hit anything else (back, leg etc) I wouldn’t have minded so much. The fact that it is the head- that’s what makes me worry and makes me feel so sad when she’s hurt. You can lose a toe (God forbid) and still live, whereas a serious bump to the head can mean many things. I guess I also notice it more because she will cry if it’s something that hurts her and with her head injuries she has cried! That of course makes me worry a little that either a) she doesn’t feel it when she gets a bash on her leg due to all the (uhem) padding or maybe she simply doesn’t bash other areas!?

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