Day 160: Raspberries

Happy Friday, 23 weeks today! I’ve had a great 5 work outs in 5 days… mind you I’ve done nothing else around the house. Hubby’s lucky he’s been fed! (… sometimes). I have also fended off 3 yoots in their ‘souped’ up (fine ‘suped’!) polo playing their tunes rrrridiculously loudly today- loud enough that one of the other neighbours had come with me for support to wag a finger. ‘My young baby’s trying to sleep’, always works a treat. Anyway back to the fruit…

She’s been blowing raspberries for the last week like a rubber lipped trumpet player. It’s been incredible. Coupled with this she’s been exercising her voice quite a bit,¬†making strained noises… and no, she’s not having a pooh. I love all this stuff, although when she woke up at 3.30am the other morning, gurgling I was not too impressed, but she went back to sleep so I can’t complain. Rasberries, uuuurgh and angry shouting are the new developments… as well as some super cute hugs and her eating my face. Boom.

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