Day 161: It’s my party…

Ok so it was someone else’s, her cousin’s in effect. Hubby’s, cousin’s son… that’s Elliott’s nephew, no? Which would make him Lo-Lo’s cousin… no? Oh all this family tree business. We had an early start up to Norwich today. Nice easy drive up as we were early, stopped off at the ‘Bird in the hand’ on the way for lunch and then on to Elliott’s cousin’s. This is the first 1st birthday I have ever been too. It was odd. It was odd because I enjoyed it a lot. I think the key was there weren’t too many other kids so it wasn’t a mad house, just lots of adults to talk to… who wanted to take Lo-Lo for hugs. Yes! (air pump).

She missed her 12-2pm nap so was a bit grisly but on the whole completely manageable. I say this of course whilst she was handed round the household and was clearly being managed by others (double fist pump). Her cousin got lots of lovely presents. We gave him a hot tub steam boat and lots of books. Books sound boring but I have rediscovered my love of reading and kids books really are thee bestest! ‘Pirates love underpants’, ‘Monkey Puzzle’, The gruffalo’s child’ etc. Of course baby James loved all of his presents but enjoyed ripping the wrapping paper and squishing his cards even more. It was a 2 hour drive up this morning and we did the same trip back same day. It’s always a bit hard because you know that they’re schedule will be so incredibly out of whack if you stay til the evening, but then you I think if you have a schedule most of the time it’s ok to deviate a bit. Not too much of course, we came straight home, did both boobs and to bed.

A lovely day was had by all. Happy 1st Birthday baby James! xx

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