Day 162: Sitting pretty


So this week we saw some of the NCT mums, some we had not seen for ages and some were the regulars. It was great to see who was doing what, some were leaps and bounds beyond the rest, others were chilling and taking their time. At one point we were all sat in a circle and I started noticing that Lo-Lo was pretty good at sitting. Sure, we sit with her and I prop her up on the sofa, but sitting on the ground completely unsupported is unusual. It was interesting as although it seems some babies can crawl it doesn’t automatically mean they can sit – which I find strange, I would have thought sitting was easier than crawling. Hey ho, everyone develops differently. Anyway, I was quite chuffed that she was doing so well so we’ve been practicing sitting this last week. She sits there on her own, unsupported and you can see her wavering, teetering as she tries to stabilise herself internally. It’s very cute and I’m very happy with this new advancement. My baby is amazing. 

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  1. jiisan says:

    Sitting pretty

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