Day 164: Weaning 3 Baby Rice

Today was the day! So she’s almost 5 and a half months old now and I will say we have started weaning in earnest today.

As you know I’ve been trying stuff out with her to get her used to the idea of food, different textures and tastes. Last week was the flesh of a tomato, the week before banana (although I was warned she may get addicted as it’s quite sweet). We bought some baby rice in preparation although in a way I’m doing this backwards as she’s already eating chunks of tomato and banana, nonetheless, it’s all an experience. I intend to give her soups, some lumpier foods and more finger food soon. Baby rice went down a storm today… all 30ml of it! She did sooo well! You can’t help but feel proud of her.

I’ve had a few leaflets about it all and just decided to get on with it. She has woken up a couple of times in the middle of the night recently, she eventually settles herself but I know waking in the night is supposed to be an indicator they’re ready for food. This coupled with how well she’s been doing the last few weeks trying foods and how well she’s sitting it seemed to make sense. I consider this as being the official start as the amount she took was a reasonable size, so much so that she had less milk this evening. She normally has 3 breastfeeds and 180ml of formula. Today she had 30ml of baby rice instead of the 1st breastfeed, the 2 breastfeeds and only 50ml of formula. All I can say is thank God we fed her before bath-time…


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