Day 165: We’re still blue

Lo-Lo’s eyes are still blue and being one of brown eyes I have to admit I hope her’s stay blue. I always wished for blue eyes… futile of course.

But why do a baby’s eyes change colour? Apparently the eye colour is dependent on the amount of melanin/pigment they produce. When a baby is born, the body has not finished producing the melanin. Much like how the skin reacts to sun, as the light hits the baby’s eyes they start to react and develop their colour, hence its mostly a post birth thing. And they may even change shades a few times before their 1st birthday (and in 10% of adults it continues to change throughout their lives)!

Turns our that melanin only comes in one colour, a yellow-brown. The different colours people have depends on how much melanin/pigment they have. Specifically you may wonder why most caucasian babies are born with blue if melanin is a brownish-yellow. Apparently irises don’t have much colour at birth at all and much like water and the sky, the take on the colour of blue. That’s because blue is the most easily “scattered,” or reflected colour of light in the spectrum, like nature’s “default” color. Before our irises produce melanin, they don’t reflect any color, so, like the sky, they look blue, too. 

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