Day 166: Halloween

One of the Waterbabies’ mums invited us to our 1st tea-party. Today was the day. A tea-party for Halloween. I missed lunch at home but was not disappointed at the party with a tray full of cakes. I sat in the corner with a sugar coma for a little bit. Lo-Lo rocked up in her AMAZING John Lewis, ‘My first halloween’ spider outfit… and half an hour later someone walked in… WEARING THE SAME THING!!!! Oh the shame. Technically I think Lo-Lo was in the right coz she got there 1st, it was the other kid that should have walked away and got changed. But no, this child (baby) stayed (it had no way of going home), stared Lo-Lo down (lolled around on it’s back a bit helplessly) and made his stand (he could not stand),  he gave her the middle finger (doesn’t know his arse from his middle finger) and refused to get changed (the cheek).

Embarrassment aside, it was a great party. Icing on the cake was a wonderful wooly ‘owl’ hat one of the NCT girls gave us. Oh yes and our lovely gay neighbours got married today. Happy wedding day Mike & BJ.

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