Day 167: Baby’s 1st shower

Of the water kind that is. She’s had a light shower before, when she was very young (strangely enough for the same reason) but today was the 1st proper shower she’s had. I sat her on her foam changing mat on the floor of our shower and showered her… all of her… mainly her back… and her butt… ya get me? It was at least a 5 min shower.

I had laid her down on the mat because I could not be there to support her sat up. I moved above her head to switch on the water for the shower. You have 2 options 1) is the sunflower shower head directly above and 2) the removable shower head. Unfortunately due to habit I switched it to the sunflower head. THE LOOK OF HORROR!!! Lo-Lo could have killed me. I’ve never seen such a look of terror in someones eyes as I’d flipped to the wrong setting, the cold water landed on her unexpectedly from on high. She stared at me like I’d done something seriously terrible. I tried to distract her by flipping the switch and gently approaching her with a warm shower head. She got over it quickly but I felt pretty terrible for a moment. And then I remembered why she was in there in the first instance and I no longer felt so bad. Praise be to weaning.

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