Day 170: What comes after Part-B?


We had a fantastic night out on Saturday night with the NCT girls. Out in Greenwich at Jamie’s Italian and then on to the Inc bar for a bit of bopping. For some of us it was our 1st night out with no baby and no hubby. We were all looking forward to it and all happy to be out without afore mentioned angels. It’s not that I don’t care about her, but it was nice to be out, dressed up, wearing make-up, heels… a normal bra! Elaine and I caught a cab home at the end of the night around 2am… but no, that was not enough for me. Once freedom was given, I refused to give it up too quickly! So I popped in to see our next door neighbour who was having a halloween party. I crashed through the door at 4.30am. I’m amazed I stayed awake that long. Sunday I did not feel too hot. We had a 12 noon swimming lesson to attend followed by a late lunch with some friends. Tartiflette was exactly what the Dr ordered it would appear… lots of potatoes, cheese and ham. I could have died it was so good. This week looks like a healthy enough week… all working up to Mel’s birthday on Saturday. Oh dear.

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