Day 173: lake district

I lay on my single bed listening to Lo-Lo snuffling away; part cold, part snore. She’s settling for sleep. Nana’s to my right reading ‘A thousand Splendid Suns’. I had in fact read that book but completely forgotten. We’re in the Lake District having visited one of hubby’s sister’s mates. 2 kids under the age of 3. It was mad and hard work… and they were well behaved!! The journey yesterday wasn’t a bad one but what should have taken 5 hours took about 7.5hours. First getting to nana’s at 12 (stop, breastfeed, baby rice), getting diesel, then  feed at 2.30pm etc. We dropped in to see the friend, had dinner and then left. Felt bad it was so fast but she had 2 kids approaching bathtime and we saw her all day today as well. This morning Lolo came with us for breakfast and tried a bit of toast for the 1st time. Wasn’t too big a fan. Then we had our day in with all the kids. Lovely to see the kids playing with each other and her 2.5 year old was so good and gentle with Lo lo I was taken aback. Very conscientious of how he hugged and patted her. We had a lovely surprise when we got back to the hotel and greeter by an ‘up-the-back-n-out-the-sides’-er. Also we noticed one very red and hot cheek. Along with the recent grisliness and loose stools I wonder how much longer you’ll be a toothless wonder for.

So after a long old day, Lolo, nana and I are in bed getting ready for sleep. I may have even squeezed in a cheeky Koperberg before bed.

Night night all. X

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