Day 174: Kendal the return

It’s been a great few days. On our return today we stopped off to see some of Nana’s old friends. A well timed break in Lancaster as it allowed us to boob and baby rice feed you. After that we drove about half way before we stopped for Maccy Dees. My long journey, guilty pleasure. I was so tempted to give you a chip, but seriously you really don’t need any of that salt or fat in your system. Almost to prove this point I proclaimed the following when we sat down to  ‘eat’, ‘Lo-Lo, this is not what is considered a healthy balanced meal.’ Not that I can talk much, I craved their hamburgers during my 1st 12 weeks of morning sickness and devoured their double sausage and egg mcmuffins (with hash browns of course) at least weekly in weeks 30-36 before birth. As we started the penultimate leg of our journey I put my knuckle in her mouth to give her something to chew on. She chewed ravinously and wouldn’t let go
… I’m not convinced there wasn’t some eau de Maccy Dees left on there. Kept her quiet for a bit though. Bad mum. Hopefully we’ll arrive at Nana’s for 6pm where we can wait out a bit of the traffic and then do the last leg of our journey, home to bed.

And this is how you make a 5 hour journey last all day.

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