Day 177: CHOMP!

Seriously? After surviving about 4 months of sore nipples… you now yank on them whilst you’re drinking and over the last 2 days… BITING!!!???!!!! What the…???

We have talked about teething for a while. You’ve been dribbling for ages and chewing on your fingers. Lots of people telling me, ‘oh you’ll know when they’re teething,’ and ‘she’s definitely teething’. We’ve had lots of supposed signs. Today I talked with some of the mums at the pool and they’re all saying she’s teething. But as we know people have been saying this for a while. Let me recant where we are now:

  • Hands (still) in mouth all the time
  • Lots of dribble
  • Last 2 weeks we’ve had very regular explosive runny poop
  • Last 2 weeks we’ve had a very runny nose
  • Last week we’ve not been feeding from the breast properly
  • Last week you had bright red cheeks and…
  • the biting of the nipples

Hubby has called it the perfect storm. Everything seems to have come together, at the same time. We started weaning her which I originally thought explained the poops, but some of them were green. I thought this was due to the short feeding times/possible imbalance of breast milk. We also thought she had a cold and she’s been crying quite a bit, not always soothed when hugged. So you know what? I give up guessing when those little monsters will come out to say hello. But for now if you could stop clamping down on mummy I would really appreciate it. Apparently there are many different methods to stop them doing it, most commonly a short flick to the cheek. We shall see.

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