Day 179: Update

Sorry folks, we have fallen off the radar a bit. Been busy!

Saturday we saw Aunty Emily face near death at the Spartan race in Nutfield. Saturday night we went out for Melanie’s birthday (WHITE NOISE!!!!) and had a great time at the Electricity Showrooms. Sunday we went for a swim. Lo-Lo’s doing rather well at kicking. She was put under the water and she moved toward hubby with her eyes fully open. So cool. However not bothering with the photo (Waterbabies offer a photo opportunity) as it’s £70 for 1 picture, not including the £45 for the photo session. I know I’m a bah-humbug but I really do feel that’s a rip off. Anyway, Sunday was also our 6 year wedding anniversary, so we just had a relaxing day at home eating good food and watching good films… Star Wars, at last! I keep singing Lo-Lo the Darth Vader theme tune. It makes her smile. So that was Sunday. Yesterday I spent most of the day cleaning and doing admin-y stuff and today we had the NCT girls over. So nothing special, just nicely busy.

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