Day 181: Launching the new Lo-Lo

So yesterday she did something quite new for me. I was washing her in the bath. She’s at that age where I get in the bath with her because she’s too slippery to handle in the bath and she can’t sit up on her own. So daddy was working late so I took over bath time. We have a little floating ball for bath-times (care of Aunty Fi). She handled it with both hands, splashed it about and then it floated off into the distance of the bath. She planted her feet on the bottom of the bath and LAUNCHED herself forward after the ball. Launched herself!? She was sat on my lap today whilst round my mum’s. She faced away from me toward the coffee table. She saw something that took her fancy on the table and launched herself again. I’m hoping this bodes well for crawling. Yep, that’s what I said. I’m genuinely looking forward to her starting to crawl.

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