Day 184: Fan fair please

Happy 6 month birthday Lo-Lo. You made it this far and we haven’t broken you yet which is lucky as your warranty runs out today.

Yesterday we made it out to Bristol. We saw aunty Jessica for her birthday, Uncle Q,  Aunty Saima,  Aunty Fi, Aunty Phil and baby (cousin, uhem) William. Yep, a pretty big extended family. We  even drove Aunty Arwa up from Londinium too. We then spent the whole afternoon in a lovely pub/restaurant in Clifton eating oversized pizzas, sat right in front of a massive screen on a 10 seater table, watching the rugby. Highly hilarious that the best seat in the house was taken up by a familial group with two 0-2’s and a pregnant lady but hey rugby is a great family sport. It was busy enough in the pub to create a great atmosphere but not so packed that you couldn’t move. Great idea Aunty Jessica. What amazed us even more is that the volume was on super loud and baby Lo-Lo was OUTTATHERE!!!! Slept completely through it, all the noise, the loud TV, the cheering, the clapping. Considering she will (as hubby put it) wake up if a squirrel farts in a tree outside our house, it was pretty impressive.

The 3 hour drive there and again on the way back wasn’t too bad but I did struggle on the return after such a long day. Added fun when we arrived home at 11pm to discover someone (I will name no names) had pooped their pants (hubby). But thoroughly worth it. Just so nice to be out and about doing things that did not revolve around children, talking to people who didn’t have kids… whilst they bounced my kid on their knee 😉

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