Day 185: Time shifting

So!!! We’re off to California for a bit next month. What does this mean? In reality it means an 11.5 hour flight and an 8 hour time difference. A time difference which means nothing to one little person we know. She’s ruled by time at the moment, what time she gets up and goes down, but you can’t explain that we’re ‘moving time around a bit, you know, temporarily… whilst we move to the other side of the earth’. Let’s just concentrate on hand and eye co-ordination for now before we blow your mind.

That being said I’m hoping to prepare her a little for the time shift. In a way I guess I’ll be trying to help myself as well. So from now til then I’m going to try to shift her sleep/waking cycle a bit an hour at a time every couple of days because currently if she stays as she is she will be waking up at midnight US time to start her day. Nicht gut! So what are we looking at:

  • Waking up UK time 7am: 11pm US
  • 8am UK: 12 midnight US
  • 9am UK: 1am US
  • 10am UK: 2am US
  • 11am UK: 3am US
  • 12pm UK: 4am US
  • 1pm UK: 5am US
  • 2pm UK: 6am US
  • 3pm UK: 7am US
  • 4pm UK; 8am US

The problem being of course that it makes no sense for us to shift her to waking up at 4pm UK time before the flight considering we will need her to be on a flight at midday UK time. Likewise it will then be a bit silly if we’ve time shifted her to be on the US clock and then try shifting her back to UK time because pretty much as soon as we get there we’d have to start regressing her back to UK time.

Realistically I think I’ll bump her up a couple of hours and brave the 1st few days with grumpy baby. Eek!

And of course, congratulations on getting engaged Anya & James! See you all very soon. x

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