Day 186: Demolisher of strawberries (weaning 5)

So since she hit the 6 month mark (all of 2 days ago) we’ve been a bit more liberal with what we have been feeding her. We’ve been dying to feed her all kinds of stuff but you hear that:

  • They shouldn’t be fed too much before 6 months so you don’t damage their digestive system
  • You should feed them food individually so you can suss out if they like the food and to make sure they are not allergic
  • Of course you worry they might choke

Well we have fed her porridge and baby rice quite a bit as well as carrots, avocado, potato, sweet potato, banana etc. But after reading what they can have after 6 months I can proudly announce that over the last 3 days she had; poached salmon, noodles, seaweed, edamame bean, raspberries, strawberries (demolished!) & stew (puy lentils, sausages, carrots, celery, chickpeas all gently processed so it’s still lumpy). I’m so happy and excited that she loves food and is happy to try complicated flavours. Welcome to real food Lo-Lo.

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2 Responses to Day 186: Demolisher of strawberries (weaning 5)

  1. jiisan says:

    Don’t forget – what goes in must come out. Enjoy.

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