Day 188: Burn baby

Not literally. But last night as I dried Lo-Lo with a hair dryer (medium setting of course) she put her hand out toward the warm heat. She’s done this quite a few more times recently. It’s not been a problem for her to touch the outside of the nozzle as its cool, but the grate through which the air passes is hot. I’ve discouraged her each time up until last night. Yesterday I told her not to, but she persisted and finally she touched it… and held her hand there. After a couple of seconds she started crying.

Now this sounds cruel and there will be some people shouting that I’m irresponsible (you wouldn’t let them jump in-front of a car if you had told them ‘no’ a few times and they refused to listen). On the flip side there will be many people who think this is both normal and natural. After all this is not a form of torture, it was nothing big or too dangerous, yet in a way it is a form of learning. A) that when her mother tells her not to do something there is a reason why and B) she’s learning that things can get too hot and they can hurt, in this instance she should never want to touch the grate again.

I felt mean, but figured she would learn. This motherhood thing really is like a big experiment and more to the point I think you discover loads about yourself, not just the kid.

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