Day 190: Kensington Roof Gardens

Last night we had our 1st proper night out together. Nana & Jiisan kindly baby sat Lo-Lo whilst we went out for a dinner and dance to Kensington Roof Gardens to celebrate our 6 year wedding anniversary. It was a really great night. It really has been ages since he and I went out by ourselves.

Sounds like she behaved herself for her grandparents which is always helpful. We got in around 2am trying to be quiet. Apparently we failed according to nana who informed us in the morning we were like a herd of elephants. As a reward today we had fish and chips from down the road, ‘Marabou Fish Bar’. Good fish. Cod was big and chunky and my haddock was bigger than my plate. Chips covered in normal and onion vinigar. I haven’t had fish and chips like that in years, by which I mean at least 15. Lo-Lo tried a chunky chip and some haddock (no batter), both of which went down a storm. Now for a glass of chilled Riesling and some more of Lie To Me, series 2. Boom.

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