Day 191: What’s wrong baby?

We had crying in the middle of the night last night. It was 1am and she cried for about 40minutes. It was mainly grizzling rather than full out tears. She’s still sleeping in our room and all I wanted to do was put my hand through the bars to comfort her or pull her into bed with us. But I think we all know that’s a bad idea and possibly the start of a bad habit. But it was horrible laying in bed listening to her.

But what could it be? She’s never cried in the middle of the night before. Cooould it be your teeth? (please let it be your teeth). She eventually settled down and went back to sleep without any interaction from us. Of course I did peek into her cot to make sure she wasn’t choking on something (not that she has anything in her cot at night).  It could be anything I guess, we wait and see and hope we don’t have the same tonight or it may be early eviction to the nursery.

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