Day 193: BCG

And so yesterday we had the dreaded BCG vaccination. I had to search around for it because apparently the government are phasing it out although I’m not sure why. We got to the Children’s Centre and waited. When we sat down with the health visitor she gave me instructions:

  • Lo-Lo was to sit on my lap sideways, facing toward my right
  • I had to pin her right arm against my body
  • Hold her left arm down with my right hand and
  • Hold her head against my chest with my left hand

I felt terrible. I genuinely felt nauseous as I knew the BCG was not a nice jab. I also felt cruel in the way I had to hold her, restraining her like that. She started crying even before the needle went into her arm. The jab went in and created something that looked like a white water bubble and then it died down later. As soon as the needle was out, she stopped crying. What a brave little girl.

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