Day 194: Play group… whaaaa???

We did 2 crrrrazy things today. The 1st was going to a playgroup. Say Whhaaa??? If you’ve ever been to one, then yes you will agree, it’s crazy mental. About 20 kids from the age of 6 months (Charlotte) up to about 3. All with varying abilities. There were quite a few banging on drums and tambourines a la the Cow & Gate commercial- but not as musical. Poor old Charlotte was sat on the baby mat with this mele around her. She was joined by about 3 other babies all of which were a year old and the same size – one of which was half the size! All in all it was quite nice but it was just madness. We left before they had their sing song as Lo-Lo was already well past her nap time and I feared there would be all out bawling. She passed out in the pram on the way home.

The other crazy thing is we fed her cottage pie today. We’ll see how the meat exits the building tomorrow.

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