Day 198:

Lo-Lo hit 28 weeks this Friday. 6 and a bit  months. I can happily say we’ve seen some nice changes:

  • In the last 2 weeks when you’ve been swimming and when you’ve been in the bath, you pre-empt when you’re about to have water on your face. So hopefully it also means you pre-empt when you’re about to go under water. Amazing. Repetition and word association do work.
  • You’ve been trying to stand at every opportunity. We put out our hands, you latch on, sit up 1st and then stand up. There has been a lot of standing in the last 2 weeks.
  • Butt shuffling. In an attempt to stand from sitting you end up but shuffling, but you don’t really go anywhere. maybe this is the start of a bit of travelling?
  • You do like to launch yourself forward when you see something you like
  • You’re giggling properly now
  • You’re eating pretty much anything we give you including cottage pie and spag bol.

And today for dinner you will be having your 1st Christmas dinner.

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