Day 201: Weaning update

Great news peeps! Today we had chunks of roast chicken and potato. Yesterday we blitzed it into a puree but today we felt adventurous so we had it in bits. Down in one. Devoured. We added a bit of chicken jelly as well from the roast to help make it a bit moister. She then had some minced pie for dessert! Bring on Christmas. I love this stuff. I should caveat she had a little bit of pie mixed in with a lot of yoghurt but still.

It’s probably worth mentioning that following the puree yesterday I got a present. This, is what I’ve been waiting for. A proper weaning pooh. One that you get after eating meat. Well, it was pretty exciting to see and smell (not really), but in a strange way nice as its a stage of her growing up. Eek!

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